Top of the tubs

When you make the most delicious organic ice cream, you can’t just put it in any old tub. You need a tub that tips the scales in favour of the environment. So we created our own, biodegradable tubs. Specially designed and made in a unique process from FSC® wood in our own circular plant. Ask about our FSC®-certified products.
FSC® C130790

Raw Material

  • Harvested from circular forestry
  • Designed especially for wood pulp


  • Wood converted into pulp
  • Pulp thermoformed into tubs
  • Unique circular process

Closed water loop system

  • Closed water loop system
  • Fresh water can be added and used water filtered.
  • Food safety first!


  • Compostable materials
  • After use, packaging can be composted or recycled.